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This documentation will provide you with the necessary knowledge to interact with Vectis Lite, an in browser wallet. In our sections you will discover how to integrate the wallet into your application, explore its API, and learn about integrations with third-party libraries that simplify the connection process in the most straightforward manner possible.

There are three main ways of integrate Vectis.

Injected provider

The most direct way of interact with Vectis is through the provider that extension inject in all websites. This provider is accessible from window object and it expose methods describe in our API Reference.

Extension client

We build a library that helps to interact with the global provider described above and also include extra methods that help developer to check if the wallet is connected among other functions.

You could read more about that in our extension client section.

Wallet Adapter

Vectis is integrated in the main wallet adapters in cosmos, allowing to developer support other walles apart from Vectis. You could check where is supported in wallet adapters section.

We hope this information will be helpful for you to include Vectis in your application. If you have any question or need further assistance, please visit our discord.

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