(Authorised 3rd Party Exec - Trustless Transaction Automation)

Cronkitty is a wrapper around Croncat - programmable automation of blockchain exections

Automation powered by CronCat

Cronkitty is a plugin that allows for Vectis users to use CronCat seamlessly. To understand more about how CronCat brings automation to CosmWasm enabled chains without protocol level update, please see their detailed docs.


CronCat is a powerful automation infrastructure, this plugin enhances the user experience by providing 3 distinctive features via a fine-grained permission design.

  • Auto-refill: never worry about your automation task running out of credit on CronCat. Cronkitty allows the Vectis account to auto refill tasks based on the remaining credit amount. Users can also decide when to stop the top up.

  • Self-custody: Cronkitty acts as a authorised party to execute on the Vectis account. Funds never leave your Vectis account until it is called by CronCat -- Cronkitty -- your wallet!

  • Preserve sender origin: Instead of the target application thinking that the sender of an instruction is from CronCat, using Cronkitty + Vectis Account allows sender to always be your wallet, even if it was automated

See it in action

Note: this demo used the old version of Vectis

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